Week 1-Complete!


       Last week, we performed two separate interviews in one day.  That means we’re getting an awesome start.  We spoke to Melissa Hoffman, director of  Foundation of Light at 9am on Thursday the 16th and then spoke to Rabbi Scott Glass of  Temple Beth El at 3pm the same day.  These interviews are already morphing our production question.

Melissa Hoffman, director of the Foundation of Light

Hoffman described the Foundation of Light as a community where all religions are accepted.  She said it is not natural to choose just one religion because people should be open to learning from one another.

Scott Glass is Rabbi at Temple Beth El in downtown Ithaca

Glass expressed that religion is necessary to having a good sense of community.
Planning Process:
      The three of us are working together well.  We meet every Sunday for an hour and a half just to make sure we are on the same page for the week.  We watch previously conducted interviews and take notes, we keep each other updated on our sources, we form interview questions and we make sure we at least have 2 interviews scheduled per week.
 This Week:
We have an interview with a local psychic and David Holmberg, an anthropologist specializing in Buddhism at Cornell University. We will be contacting religious community members of all kinds for week 3 and possibly attending an event at the Foundation of Light.

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