Week 4, continued-Namgyal Monastery

Monday night, Carolyn and I went to the Namgyal Monastery in downtown Ithaca.  It’s an old victorian house with Tibetan flags strung around the exterior–it so happens that it’s also the North American seat for the Dalai Lama.


The Namgyal Monastery

Here, we videotaped the meditation session and got some great, vivid images and interesting chanting audio.  There, we started meeting more spiritually searching people–which is our goal after having interviewed so many religious leaders.  We met a man there who was at the Dances of Universal Peace at the Foundation of Light, so we’re going to officially interview him at a later date.  We did some on-site interviews of Cornell students, one of which used to be Catholic and is now creating his own religion, and another who is now Buddhist but grew up a Jehovah’s witness.

Was it fate that we met these people to interview?  We think so.  Our next plan is to go to more religious ceremonies and find people to piece our documentary together!







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