Week 7: Final Shoot!

Sunday was probably the busiest day of our lives!  It was the last day of shoots and we got three of them.  First, we attended Palm Sunday service at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in downtown Ithaca.  We interviewed the priest about church attendance and he said some things that really moved our story along (we don’t want to give it away). 



Then we headed over to Laura Mainville’s house in Freeville where we interviewed her and were able to film a reading. We got her view on traditional religion and how it coincides with being independently spiritual. The reading was also a fantastic opportunity for visuals and we took full advantage of that. 




We then met with the psychologist, Bob.  We decided that he is our main character because of his experience as a psychologist and as a person searching for his own spirituality.  This full day of interviews really brought our documentary together and we will be editing very soon!



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