Mary Apesos, Carly Boyle and Carolyn Cutrone are senior journalism majors at Ithaca College.  They are creating their first documentary under Higher Calling Productions.  Over the course of the semester, they will be documenting their findings regarding spirituality today, specifically in Ithaca, NY but also connecting it to larger trends in our society.

Mary Apesos is studying journalism and communication studies at Ithaca College and hopes to use her new multimedia and documentary-making skills to find a dynamic PR job in New York City.

Carly Boyle is studying journalism and photography at Ithaca College and hopes to continue her passion for photography after she graduates.  She is currently looking for something within the photography field across the U.S. as well as the U.K.

Carolyn Cutrone is an up-and-coming journalist who hopes to break into the industry come graduation in May.


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