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We are DONE!

It’s been a wonderful, enjoyable process with my beautiful documentarians.   The successes outweigh the frustrations of this production completely.  It was all worth it to meet the people we interviewed, the places we’ve been and spiritual gatherings we have witnessed along the way.

Our documentary, EXODUS, will premiere tomorrow in Park Auditorium at Ithaca College at 2:00.  Please come and support us-if you cannot make it, you can have your own little showing when we post it on YouTube!

Thank you to everyone who aided in the process-Professor Rada and our Documentary class especially, our interviewees and Master Control during our editing process!

-Mary, Carly and Carolyn


It’s Almost Time!!

We are currently finishing up our edits on the documentary and are incredibly excited to show everyone the final product.  It’s been a long couple weeks in the editing suite and trying to get everything perfect, but it is certainly worth it. We’ve had some struggles along the way, especially when it comes to cutting footage or finding the perfect moment.  But as of right now, it is looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. 

We will be having a screening of our doc as well as the rest of our classes on Wednesday, May 9th at 1:30 pm in the Park Auditorium at Ithaca College.  It is open to everyone and we would love the support and audience! 

Trailer Time!

We have just uploaded our trailer for Exodus so check it out and let us know what you think.

Week 7: Final Shoot!

Sunday was probably the busiest day of our lives!  It was the last day of shoots and we got three of them.  First, we attended Palm Sunday service at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in downtown Ithaca.  We interviewed the priest about church attendance and he said some things that really moved our story along (we don’t want to give it away). 



Then we headed over to Laura Mainville’s house in Freeville where we interviewed her and were able to film a reading. We got her view on traditional religion and how it coincides with being independently spiritual. The reading was also a fantastic opportunity for visuals and we took full advantage of that. 




We then met with the psychologist, Bob.  We decided that he is our main character because of his experience as a psychologist and as a person searching for his own spirituality.  This full day of interviews really brought our documentary together and we will be editing very soon!


Week 6 – Coming down the home stretch

On Monday back from spring break we came back swinging making phone calls for our last few interviews. We lined up interviews for a psychic, a psychologist/spiritual healer and a spiritual dance instructor. We already had footage of two of our interviewees leading different ceremonies in our previous shoots and knew we needed to couple that with background information. We met on Monday evening to recap what we had done so far and narrow our focus. We finally found our angle and started to visualize the order of our documentary. 

On our interview with the psychologist, we learned more about his past and how religion and spirituality have a connection in his life.  We realized he is going to be a prominent character for our documentary because of his openness to many spiritualities and how he tries to incorporate all in his life.  

On Friday, we went to talk with a woman who instructs a dance ceremony at The Foundations of Light.  We experimented with different shots, with B-roll as well as with interview techniques.  For example, we had her walk around the space and explain about their function.  


This week we also filmed a new section of our doc that we are excited to include, especially after the interviews.  We went down to The Commons to get some “man on the street” interviews where we had people quickly tell us their past religions and what they practice now.  


We got a wide variety of people and religious/ spiritual backgrounds and we are so excited to start putting the doc together.  Next week we plan on finishing all of our interviews and filming so we can start editing.  


Week 4, continued-Namgyal Monastery

Monday night, Carolyn and I went to the Namgyal Monastery in downtown Ithaca.  It’s an old victorian house with Tibetan flags strung around the exterior–it so happens that it’s also the North American seat for the Dalai Lama.


The Namgyal Monastery

Here, we videotaped the meditation session and got some great, vivid images and interesting chanting audio.  There, we started meeting more spiritually searching people–which is our goal after having interviewed so many religious leaders.  We met a man there who was at the Dances of Universal Peace at the Foundation of Light, so we’re going to officially interview him at a later date.  We did some on-site interviews of Cornell students, one of which used to be Catholic and is now creating his own religion, and another who is now Buddhist but grew up a Jehovah’s witness.

Was it fate that we met these people to interview?  We think so.  Our next plan is to go to more religious ceremonies and find people to piece our documentary together!






Week 4 — weekend shoot

Over the weekend Mary and I shot at a spiritual gathering called, “Dances of the Universal Peace.” We had our first experience getting permission from a large audience, but were successful and got a lot of great footage for b-roll. We also interviewed a middle aged man who grew up practicing Judaism but was at the dances to express his spirituality in a different kind of way. We interviewed him before the ceremony began and then were able to shoot him in the midst of his spiritual experience. We also talked with a psychologist and one of the leaders of the dances that approached us about their interest in talking to us more for the documentary. Overall the shoot was very successful.

We were planning on shooting more b-roll Sunday, but the weather did not permit. Today we have two more shoots, one, a meditation session at the Monastery downtown, and one at the Foundations of Light for “Cherokee Medicine Mondays.” Updates on those to come.


It is customary to take off your shoes at the Foundation of Light